Lotus by Johnny Dũng was created and unveiled to the world of health and beauty in February 2013.  Its energy and passion quickly dominated the market by its trusted effective products with all ingredient sources directly came from Japan, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland.  Lotus by Johnny Dũng has taken the world by storm and became an "overnight sensation".  It clearly distinguishes itself from the rest of other competitive companies by a special symbol of “freshness and pure”: Lotus flower.  Lotus by Johnny Dũng was born with class, dignity and uniqueness. All of its products are best created from well-advanced R&D, good standard GMP practice from many different manufacturers in Japan, Korea and United States which have years of special expertise in their operations and coordinations.  

Lotus by Johnny Dũng health and beauty products are being well evaluated throughout for safety and effectiveness in each formula.  For example, the dietary supplement such as super fucoidan got its fucoidan sources directly from Okinawa, Japan to bring great results to supplement users.  Significant number of customer feedbacks are reported almost every day to confirm Lotus products' superior quality, and that is our number one mission! Lotus by Johnny Dũng exclusive unique line of skincare is also known to enhance highest beauty to sustain aging process, and that’s what we all want our look to be younger and more vibrant as time passes by.

Lotus by Johnny Dũng's goal is to provide you, the consumers, with the finest, premium quality products combining excellent customer service. After all, only at Lotus by Johnny Dung, we bring to you the best of life!

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